Late May Bank Holiday & Restocks

I overheard my husband on a work call today agreeing to reschedule a meeting to next week and suggesting Monday, only to be informed by his colleague on the other end of the phone that Monday was a bank holiday… His response to my incredulity was that he knew there was a bank holiday right at the end of May, he just hadn’t realised we were at the end of May. I do understand what he means – time was already marching on a pace at the start of the year, but it seems even harder to keep track of it now; nine days into lockdown and all of the days are starting to blend into one.

Trying to get the site ready for Father’s Day today, I was having a look back through some group WhatsApp messages and realised it’s two full months now since our children came home from school indefinitely and the world as we knew it got completely turned on its head. It seems silly now to think that only the week before that, we were having a conversation with friends making plans to see them over the Easter holidays – how clueless we were! Now here we are on the edge of summer term half term; normally we’d be heading down to Cornwall at some point over the coming week to visit family and spend some time on the beach, but we will have to make do with the back garden this year, and while I’m fairly grumpy about it, I do think how lucky we are to live in the Somerset countryside now with green outdoor space around us and not in the London terrace that we moved from (not that I’d admit that to the husband!)

One thing that has really cheered me up this week, though, and shaken me out of my self-pity funk, has been having to place some restock orders because all of you lovely lot have been buying up my stock! I did wonder whether I was mad to be going ahead with launch when all of this kicked off, but I was fairly committed at that point so it was a bit of a case of close your eyes, cross your fingers and press the button. It’s been a slow start, but a steady one, and I’m so very grateful for each and every order that has come in. Bestsellers so far are definitely home fragrance and bath products – probably no great surprise seeing as we are all spending so much more time inside our houses and are in need of a bit of self-care! This is all self-funded, so the orders I’ve had so far have enabled me to expand the ranges a bit more and introduce some new candle fragrances which I am sure you are all going to love, plus I’ve been able to invest in a bit more quantity on the products that you’ve been buying lots of, so that I hopefully won’t run out again. It’s a learning curve at the moment but I’m loving it – thank you all so much for the support!

Alex xx