Popcorn Shed

Founded by cousins Sam and Laura and operating out of their garden shed since 2016 (hence the packaging!), the award winning Popcorn Shed is a homegrown, family-owned business; a made in Britain artisanal brand. They have always appreciated the humble popcorn snack and its power to enhance special moments spent with loved ones – be it watching a film, at a picnic or snacking on road trips, and with that in mind they dedicated themselves to perfecting popcorn treats, prioritising flavour and quality in the hope that it would bring their customers as many great memories as it has brought to them.

Their popcorn is made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Whilst lesser brands apply spray-on and powder coatings to their popcorn, Popcorn Shed tumbles their popcorn in fresh caramel before scattering it with melted chocolate, nuts or dried fruit (or a combination). This ensures a deep, rich flavour and provides a lovely texture to every single kernel, enhancing that all-important “mouth feel”. With a focus on innovation, flavour balance and texture combinations, their tasty treats are so much more than just popcorn.

Sam and Laura are passionate about great tasting products, and building a lifestyle brand from scratch that has real meaning and resonates with their customers. They have set their sights high and aim to become the number one gourmet popcorn brand choice in the world, creating unique flavours and providing top quality service. Each of their shed cartons has its own personality and theme. Colourful and filled with tasty popcorn, they make fantastic gifts.