Caramel & White Chocolate Popcorn Pouch


80g bag of caramel and white chocolate flavoured popcorn.

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Air-popped popcorn coated by hand in Joe & Seph’s smooth caramel. You taste the caramel flavour first, followed by the satisfying release of the very finest melt-in-your-mouth Belgian white chocolate. Another one of Joe & Seph’s best-sellers, this one is really ideal for all the white chocolate lover in your life, and perfect for those with a proper sweet tooth!


All Joe & Seph’s popcorn is handmade by their small team of pastry chefs in their London kitchen using only the finest, 100% natural ingredients.

The extra large “mushroom” kernels are air-popped, which is a healthier cooking method that results in a better texture and taste.

The unique cooking technique means the flavours unlock as you crunch on the popcorn.

We are a family business who launched in 2010 with a mission to produce the best tasting popcorn in the world. If you don’t love this popcorn……I’ll eat my hats!

Corn, Butter (Milk), Sugar, White Chocolate (16%) {Sugar (46.5%), Cocoa Butter (29.5%), Whole Milk Powder (23.5%), Soya Lecithin, Natural Vanilla}, Corn Syrup