Cedar, Birch and Vetiver Candle


Cedar, birch and vetiver scented candle.

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Collingwood’s luxury candles combine the finest fragrances to conjure the essence of the English coast and countryside. Developed by chandlers with over 40 years of knowledge, each candle is hand-poured in England using only non-GMO, palm oil free natural waxes fragranced with the highest-quality oils. Beautifully packaged with flashes of delicate gold leaf, their candles bring a touch of elegance to every room. With pure bergamot top notes opening up into a heart of lavandin, ylang ylang, lily and heliotrope supported by a base of patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver, leather and amber, their cedar, birch and vetiver candle lets off a beautifully warming and comforting smoky scent, reminiscent of a walk deep into the heart of the woods.

Approx 40 hour burn time.

Candle net weight 190g.

Hand-poured in England using a high quality wax made from a mineral and coconut mix, fragranced using the purest available fragrance oils. The labels are inspired by 19th century botanical engravings.

Palm oil free, and none of the components have been tested on animals.

Please see our advice and guidance below for getting the best out of your candle:

Minimum 2-3 hour first burn: please keep your candle lit for a minimum of 2-3 hours on its first burn, and allow the wax to melt evenly right up to the glass on all sides. This is because the wax will always melt the same way that it did on the first burn, so this ensures a clean and even burn throughout the life of the candle and will help to avoid tunnelling, where only certain parts of the wax melt, limiting your candle’s burn life.

Take care with liquid wax: with natural waxes, it is not uncommon for the entire top portion of the wax to be melted when the candle has been burning for a little while. Please take care when extinguishing your candle as it is possible to splash the wax up and out of the glass. The wax will re-solidify as the candle cools, so we also recommend waiting for this to happen before attempting to move your candle. Never move a burning candle.

Trim your wick: trim the wick of your candle to approximately 5mm before each burn to ensure that it doesn’t smoke – this will also help to promote a nice even burn and a steady flame. No need to invest in a wick trimmer for this unless you want to – a regular pair of scissors or nail clippers will do the job just as well.

Keep your candle out of draughts: these can cause uneven burning, decrease the burn life of your candle and reduce scent throw whilst also being a clear fire hazard.

Please always burn your candle on a heat-resistant surface out of reach of children and pets and away from any flammable materials, and please remember to extinguish your candles before going to bed. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Do not relight your candle once your wax is down to 7mm as this will risk cracking the glass. If you’d like to re-use your candle glass once your candle has burned down, simply pour boiling water into the glass, making sure you have a metal spoon in there to prevent the glass from cracking. The remaining wax will then solidify on the top of the water as it cools, allowing you to easily pick it out and dispose of it. Then you just need to wash out your glass and it is ready to be reused as a pen-pot, jar for make-up brushes, small vase or planter or anything else you fancy!

What’s the difference between a room or a space that feels amazing, which you immediately want to spend time in, and one that’s lacking in atmosphere, which you’re happy to leave? Perhaps the lights are too harsh, or the colours don’t quite work – maybe the chairs aren’t comfortable enough. But have you ever thought it’s to do with the fragrance that greets you? Making a space feel like home can be pretty hard – but if a gorgeous smell reminds you of home, or someone you love, then you’re halfway there. Wanting to bring a touch of luxury to every room means using high quality waxes and the best fragrances, with the purest fragrance oils we can source. I started off by tinkering in my kitchen, and now have a collection that captures the essence of English elegance and style, with scents that evoke woods and gardens to streams and the sea. I hope you love having our candles in your home!