Ivory Shaving Brush & Stand


Ivory coloured shaving brush with stand.

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A hand made shaving brush with synthetic bristles, this comes complete with its own shaving brush stand to help keep the brush clean and dry in between shaves. An essential element of a great shave!

General shaving tips
– Shower or bathe before shaving, or warm the skin with a hot flannel
– Use plenty of hot water and shave in a warm environment
– Use a quality shaving brush with good shaving soap
– Brush in a circular motion to lift the hairs
– Shave in the direction of hair growth, never against the grain
– Rinse the blade frequently in hot water
– Rinse skin well with cool water and gently pat dry
– After shaving use a good quality moisturiser
– Avoid applying alcohol-based products to the skin after shaving

Our owner and founder, Iain, is a man with a face. True story. He has a pretty splendid beard and much as he wanted a sweet smelling and itch free face mane, he was getting pretty fed up of being a grease monkey with no pennies left in his pocket in his search for an epic beard product. Thus, Norse was born.

At Norse we make naturally great grooming products for the bearded, smooth-faced and mustachioed men of the world, but our products are great for women too – no judgement here about what you want to shave.