Ivory Double Edged Safety Razor


Double edged safety razor with ivory coloured handle.

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A double edged safety razor with a slim handle featuring an ivory coloured insert made from recycled plastic, this is a classic design that has stood the test of time. Perfect for anyone who is looking to reduce the amount of single use plastic in their life, these environmentally (and wallet) friendly razors from Norse are great for men and women, whether they are used to shave faces, heads, legs, chests, bikini lines or indeed anywhere else! Produced especially for Norse in Sheffield, the steel capital of the UK, these single blade razors offer a close, precision shave while looking after your skin, and their attractive design will look lovely in any bathroom.

Made in the United Kingdom from steel, brass and chrome.

Handle insert made from recycled plastic.

Comes with 5 razor blades to get you started.

The benefits of shaving with a double edged safety razor are:
– Single blade so less irritation to the skin; this means less rashing and spotting around the neck, and less itchy grow back and fewer ingrown hairs everywhere else
– No single use disposable plastic so your environmental impact is reduced
– You save a fortune on razor blades

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product.

To use the razor:
– Unscrew the head and insert a blade
– Hold the razor to your skin at an angle of between 30 to 45 degrees
– Allow the weight of the razor to ‘power’ the shave, using short strokes
– When the razor becomes blunt it will ‘hang’ on the hair; rotate the razor or change the blade

Looking to ditch single use plastic from your life? Then the Norse double edged safety razor is for you. Our environmentally (and wallet) friendly razors are great for men and women – no judgement here about what you want to shave. Our razors are produced especially for us in the steel capital of the UK, Sheffield. Our traditional single blade razors offer a close, precision shave and look after your skin by shaving once with a sharp blade. Sound obvious? Plastic razors often have more than one blade. Imagine peeling a potato with 4 or 5 peelers at the same time. Now imagine your face is a potato. I think we’ve made our point.