Jumony Accessory Tray Lime


Accessory tray in lime painted jesmonite.

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This beautifully colourful accessory tray is part of Extra&Oridinary Design’s Jumony collection, inspired by the ruffled fabric of traditional Korean attire. Each piece in the collection is designed to create feminine, elegant volume, emulating the curves of flowing fabric and making for a truly tactile object. The marbling effect on the surface, a natural feature of the casting process, makes each piece even more unique. A beautiful object to have on display in its own right, this gorgeous piece would also serve a perfectly practical purpose by the door to hold keys and loose change, or in the bedroom to keep jewellery safe overnight. The vibrant lime colour is spray-painted onto the jesmonite after the piece has been made, giving a wonderfully smooth finish and a fabulous gradient effect up the outside of the tray. Each piece is numbered and dated on the bottom, and presented safely boxed – perfect to be given as a gift, if you can bear not to keep it for yourself!

Hand made in the UK

Tray measures 17.5 x 13.5 x 4 cm

Product weight 600g

Product Care
This product is made of Jesmonite, an eco-friendly water-based fine cement-like material, invented in the UK in 1984 by Peter Hawkins and named “Material of the Year” at the 2017 London Design Fair. Jesmonite is well-known for being durable, light, and UV stable.
As each object is individually cast and finished by hand, slight colour variations and small surface differences may occur; these features are part of the casting process, making each product unique. To remove dirt or grease, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. All Extra&Ordinary products are coated with a sealant to resist a light amount of liquid, but sitting water may leave behind marks.

At Extra&Ordinary Design, we create things that turn ordinary environments into the extraordinary and capture moments to elicit sentiment through design. A jumony is a pouch; it is a part of the traditional Korean outfit and is used practically as as a pocket as well as being a beautiful accessory. Our collection is inspired by the ruffled fabric elements of these traditional Korean garments and accessories.