Large Hex Pot Turquoise


Marbled turquoise ceramic vase in a hexagonal shape.

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Available in a range of beautiful colours, these large geometric slip cast pots are handmade by Camilla Webb Carter. The hex range is named because of the geometric shape of the pieces; each piece has six sides, which means that they are able to be positioned on their side as well as standing straight up, making a wonderfully versatile piece. These are the perfect size to be used as a vase for mid-length stems such as irises or peonies, and their colourful marbled finish would work equally well to set off the colours in a bright bunch of flowers as it would to balance out more neutral blooms. Alternatively leave them displayed on their own as a beautiful sculptural piece to bring a bit of colour and texture into your home. This lively turquoise marbling will brighten up any space, adding a great pop of colour to your home.

Approximate size 16cm high x 19cm wide
(Please note that as each piece is handmade, the size will vary slightly from piece to piece.)

Geometric slip cast clay pieces, individually handmade in London.

Image for guidance only – please note that the maker has no control over how the marbled effect will fall on the surface of the pot. It varies from pot to pot and will not be exactly the same as in the image. Each one is completely unique to you.

My work is inspired by geometry and optical illusion. The marble effect is achieved by adding drops of colour to clay slip which is then poured into a plaster mould and swirled around, making each piece completely unique. I’m fascinated by these techniques and continue to learn something new every day!