Lavender Botanical Mist


Lavender scented room mist.

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Spritz your way to the green life with this indulgent, relaxing Lavender room mist.  Carefully handcrafted using natural lavender essential oil, renowned for its health benefits as it reduces anxiety and supports sleep, this British lavender blend will relax and balance you.  This mist can also be used as an antibacterial yoga mat spray or pillow spray.


100ml room spray, handcrafted in Suffolk in small batches using distilled water and the finest essential oils.

Vegan & cruelty free.

Contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours.

Contained in a recyclable amber glass bottle.


Join botanical room mists are intended for atmospheric use in, for example, bathrooms, washrooms and guest rooms. They can be used to refresh linens and materials but please be sure to spray at a distance and do not spray directly onto sensitive materials or surfaces such as silk or polished concrete.

Intended as a room spray, linen or pillow spray, our cruelty free blends are made in small batches using organically farmed essential oils. The perfect eco friendly gift to keep your home and wardrobe naturally fresh.