Melissa Pharmacy Jar Candle


Melissa scented natural plant wax candle in a recycled amber glass jar.

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A hand-poured plant wax candle scented with The Great British Bee Company’s signature zesty melissa essential oil blend. More commonly known as lemon balm, melissa is known for its ability to ease stress and anxiety and help to promote sleep, and has long been used to help bring a sense of balance back into your life, and this wonderfully uplifting candle will do just that. The beautiful glow from the recycled amber glass jar only adds to the ambience created by this gorgeous candle, and the handy screw-on lid means that it would make a great travelling companion, too, so you can have your favourite fragrance with you whilst you’re away.

120ml candle, hand poured in the UK into a recycled amber glass jar using 100% natural plant wax

30-40 hour burn time

Supporting British bees

Candle Safety:

Wax has a memory, so when burning your candle for the first time, please keep it lit for a minimum of 3 hours and allow the wax to melt evenly to the edge of the jar. This will ensure a clean, even burn throughout the candle and will avoid tunnelling, where only certain parts of the wax melt, limiting your candle’s burn life.

It is not unusual for the entire candle to melt during one ‘lighting’ so please bear this in mind when moving it or blowing out the flame. We recommend that you do not move a burning candle, and invest in a good snuffer.

Trim the wick of your candle to 5mm each time you light it to ensure no smoke is given off. Be sure to burn your candle in a draft-free place on a heat resistant surface away from children, pets and any item that can catch alight.

Never leave a lit candle unattended and please do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time as this may cause danger such as the glass jar breaking.

We are the multi award winning family company of artisans and beekeepers.

We’re best known as makers of naturally effective Beeswax & Honey hand care, but also produce unique fragrance and fine food gifts. Our creations celebrate and support the British countryside and we were founded to create a lasting funding stream for UK honey bee research.

All our products are designed by us and are hand crafted with product quality and our customers experiences in mind, and 10% of our profits go to British Honey Bee research.