Mini Pop! Sweet and Salty Popcorn


Sweet and salty mini popcorn.

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A 28g bag of  Mini Pop!® popcorn with the perfect balance of sweet and salty.   Mini Pop!® is the featherweight champion boxer of the popcorn world, taking a pop at its middleweight opponents.  Made from an ancient grain of corn, these tasty morsels pop into teeny weeny, popsqueak-sized pieces.  Half the size of the regular stuff, they still pack a punch!  Perfect for picnics, lunch boxes and movie nights, the smaller kernels means no floss required; this is popcorn that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.

28g of sweet and salty flavoured Mini Pop!® popcorn, hand-crafted in the UK with all-natural ingredients, vegan and allergen-free.

Perfect for the whole family – whether you’re a self-proclaimed gourmet popcorn connoisseur looking for the best popcorn or you’re looking for a healthier snack alternative with all the fun and flavour.

Fewer than 133 calories per bag.

Contains no allergens.

Here at Popcorn Shed we do things a little bit differently; established in a garden shed in 2016, we’ve never been afraid of a challenge, and Mini Pop!® is our latest endeavour. Smaller means easier to digest and it won’t get stuck in your teeth.  No need to thank us, just enjoy!

Popped corn, sugar, rapeseed oil, sea salt.