Pocket Scarf – Grey / Cobble


Lambswool pocket scarf in grey and cobble.

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A fabulously soft lambswool pocket scarf by the design duo Quinton & Chadwick. Their designs are often inspired by vintage knits, reinterpreted with their own modern angle, and this clever scarf is a classic example of that. Such an easy piece to wear, the length of this scarf means it looks great either tied or hung loose across the shoulders so that the pockets can warm your hands. Designed and sampled in their London and Suffolk studios, each scarf has usually been through many different colour combinations before the duo are happy with the results, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the end result is worth the effort! The tonal colours complement each other beautifully and the soothing, neutral grey and cobble palette makes this a hugely versatile scarf that will go with any outfit and is perfect for when you need to add a bit of warmth.

Scarf dimensions 180 x 25cms

100% Lambswool

Fully fashioned integral knitted pockets

Made in Scotland with extra fine woollen yarn spun in Yorkshire

We are Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick, and we came together with a mutual vision to launch our company using only small British mills. The mills are in areas of the UK where knitting is a large part of the local heritage; Nottingham, Devon and Scotland. We’re both invested in the idea of communicating the true worth of traditionally crafted UK textiles, and a founding principle of our brand is to help keep this skilled craftsmanship alive. We also use British mills for our yarn supplies, always 100% natural and biodegradable fibres, mostly lambswool or merino and we also use recycled cashmere when it is available.

Today we are very proud that our products are recognised for their unique colour combinations, their modern take on traditional patterns, the sustainability of our British production and the quality of our craftsmanship.