Raspberry Chocolate Drizzle Marshmallows


Raspberry flavoured gourmet marshmallows drizzled in dark chocolate.

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Each box of these marshmallows is made using over 300g of liquidised fresh raspberries reduced into a concentrate of intense flavour and then whipped into a fluffy marshmallow. Drizzled with 70% dark fair trade chocolate, these delicious treats will melt anyone’s heart! Grown Up Marshmallows’ hand-cut treats are made with real fresh fruit and only the best quality Fair-Trade chocolate. Unlike the taste and texture of the mass produced marshmallow, the quality and natural ingredients in these gourmet mallows bring a unique taste experience to any occasion, be it a dinner party, birthday drinks or just a treat for someone you care for – or for yourself!

Handmade in small batches on Exmoor National Park using 100% natural ingredients.

Naturally free from fat, egg and gluten.

All of the Grown Up Marshmallows products contain gelatin. Those drizzled with 70% Fair Trade chocolate contain dairy.

Packaged in 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable material out of consideration for the planet.

Our gourmet, premier handmade marshmallows are naturally fat and gluten free. They contain no eggs or dairy products and are flavoured with natural ingredients. Produced by artisans, each cube is hand cut to bring you a unique tasting experience and a flavour to savour. To quote a mum sampling our marshmallows she exclaimed, “Oh how wonderful, a dessert for grown-ups”. There has been a delicious excitement about our marshmallows being for grown-ups ever since. Once tasted, there’s no going back!