Silver Melia Earrings


Sterling silver drop earrings with silver wrapped wire.

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Inspired by Melia, the nymph of an ash tree whose wood was used for crafting spears.  Taking inspiration from a more simplistic form, the spears carved from the tree are represented in the straight edge of the Melia design.  Made using sterling silver wire with the classic Black and Sigi wrapping at the bottom, the design is squared off with straight lines to create an interesting geometric shape for a more delicate Scandinavian look.

Approximately 3.5cm earring drop. Sterling silver ear posts and findings on a sterling silver non tarnish wire base.

Each pair of earrings is completely unique and is handmade by the Black and Sigi team in their studio in Leigh on Sea. Because all of the pieces are handmade, they may vary slightly from the image shown.

The wire wrap technique can be traced back to 1446 BC when the process involved using flattened sheets of metal which were cut into strips and rolled into tubes. These days, the team at Black and Sigi have built their designs on affordable, contemporary costume jewellery using 9ct gold plate and 10% sterling silver filled copper wires for the main part of their designs.  Because there is a slightly thicker plating on the silver, the prices are the same for both gold and silver options.

We believe in accessibility but never compromising on quality, style and design. Our wire wrapping technique, passed down from generation to  generation, allows us to be creative and innovative, and even though we are self-taught, it doesn’t stop us from constantly experimenting, allowing us to keep this traditional skill modern and alive.

Melia was the nymph of an ash tree whose wood was used for the crafting spears, and we drew inspiration from this character as a protector. Made from sterling silver, these pieces reflect the strong and protective nature of a true friend.