Sloe Gin – No.15 – 50cl


Sloe gin in a colourful 50cl tin.

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Gin In A Tin makes a delicious range of gins, presented as their name suggests in stylish and colourful tins, reminiscent of classic books. The perfect gift for any gin lover or enthusiast, or indeed anyone who has even a vague interest in gin and would like to learn more.

A truly English sloe gin is defined by its smoothness. Not too sweet, not too sour, and of course you need to be able to taste the gin! To create theirs, Gin In A Tin harvested wild English sloe berries and added them to their original gin blend for three to four months, following a recipe passed down from the generations before them. The result is a sloe gin of balance in which you will find hints of orange and plum, alongside delicious fruity notes from the wild, foraged berries.

50cl bottle of gin

Serving Suggestion:
Classically enjoyed neat throughout the colder season, as a warming companion to a brisk winter’s walk or out in a hip flask on a days shooting.
A splash of sloe gin also pairs perfectly with sparkling wine to create a Sloe Royale which can be enjoyed as a refreshing summer cocktail or as a wonderful celebratory drink to enjoy at any time of the year!

For Food Lovers
The balance of sweet and sharp notes from the sloe berries is a fantastic companion to game dishes. Use instead of red wine to create a rich, complex base for venison or duck casseroles.

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With a huge amount of knowledge, coupled with years of sharing our passion for the beautiful juniper berry, we began a quest to find the ultimate gin and commenced blending our own collection to share. Today we showcase ‘The United Colours of Juniper’, presenting our bespoke collection of gins of distinction that speak volumes, in stylish tins, straight to your door.