Ruddy Fine Navy Strength Gin 20cl


20cl bottle of small batch Navy Strength Gin

This beautifully smooth Navy Strength gin is distilled in small batches by the Ruddy Fine Distillery in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire. Handcrafted using a blend of carefully selected botanicals, it is wonderfully well balanced and guaranteed to ignite your palate with a warming punch! Because stronger flavour comes hand in hand with its extra kick of alcohol, navy strength gin is perfect for mixing into cocktails as it will hold its own and not get lost amongst the other flavours. So if you are a bit of a mixologist, this is definitely one to add to your bottle collection!

20cl bottle of Navy Strength Gin

57% ABV

Small batch craft gin, distilled in Ruddington in Nottinghamshire

Serving Suggestions:
A great gin for use in a cocktail, it works especially well in
citrus-based drinks; try it mixed into a Saturn, a Southside or a Gimlet. Try it with a bitter lemon for a twist on a typical G&T.

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We are Cheryl & Rory, kindred spirits who came together because of our passion for nature, the great outdoors and of course our love of Gin. In 2019 we decided to make our hobby a reality and Ruddy Fine Gin was born. We’re really proud of our gin and hope you love it, too!