The original source of Interstellar Relaxation – a box of five self-heating eye masks.

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Self-heating eye masks, perfect for taking a few minutes out of your day to relax and rest tired eyes or calm a busy mind. These are great for helping you to drift off to sleep at the end of the day and are suitable for your hand luggage so also an excellent flight companion, especially on longer journeys or for people who find flying particularly stressful.  Each box contains five masks.

A box of five self-heating eye masks, each in an individual pouch. Simply remove the mask from the pouch, put it over your eyes and slip the loops over your ears to keep it in place – on contact with the air, the pouch will start to warm gently, releasing a soothing jasmine fragrance, and will keep its heat for up to 15 minutes. The heating process is totally safe and works by a thin layer of iron filings reacting with the oxygen molecules in the air. The relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration, so you can enjoy its fragrance without irritating the skin. Although the heating element will only work once, the masks can be used again as a simple eye-mask to block out light and help you to sleep. Both the foil packaging and the box are recyclable and each mask is entirely natural, made of cotton and contains only iron powder and essence of jasmine. They are cruelty free and vegan.

Sometimes you can be so busy that taking time out just doesn’t seem possible. This is where your Spacemask comes in. You are about to encounter Interstellar Relaxation. Wherever you are, at work or home, find somewhere to sit or lie down. Within minutes of putting on your Spacemask you will feel it warm up and start to mellow your tired eyes and face. The soft jasmine smell will help to transport you away. Somewhere between Jupiter and Andromeda. Allow yourself to float freely for the next 15 minutes, letting go of the day’s frustrations and annoyances. Your eyes and your head will thank you for the time to recover and reenergise. Interstellar relaxation no less.