Tapered Vase – Yellow / Grey


Tapered vase with a yellow body and contrasting grey base.

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With a super smooth, unglazed exterior, this beautifully colourful vase is the perfect size for a small bouquet of flowers, or it could even be used to hold pencils and pens. Each piece has been created using three different stained porcelains – grey for the base, yellow for the main body and white for the glazed interior. An absolutely lovely item that sets off a bunch of flowers beautifully, it is just as fabulous as a stand-alone piece and will bring a vibrant splash of colour to any room.

9 x 11 cm (9cm at widest point, tapering to a 7cm opening at the top; 11cm high)

Slip cast porcelain

Handmade in Brighton and stamped on base with maker’s branding.

Exterior left unglazed and sanded twice for a smooth finish; interior glazed and watertight.

Not recommended for use in the microwave or dishwasher.

The technique I use is called slip casting. Commercially, this process is used with machines to reproduce identical copies of one design, churning out hundreds of ‘perfect’ duplicates. There is something satisfying about imitating the machine – but with the ability to make every product individual. Simplicity and function are at the core of the work I make; each piece has been designed to be used and loved every day, whether that’s for a strong coffee to get going in the morning or a desk mate to store your favourite stationery.