The Expert Gin Maker’s Kit


Gin blending kit with ingredients to make three different bottles of gin; one classic, one floral and one spicy.

If you are looking for a gift for that gin-loving friend or family member but don’t want to buy them just another bottle of gin, look no further! With these fabulous sets, they will have everything they need to make their very own bottle. Makers of the original home gin blending kits, and still the very best, Gin Etc have carefully selected and balanced their ingredients and provided enough of the botanicals to ensure that it will take no longer than 24 hours before you have a perfectly blended bottle of your own craft gin. Beautifully presented in custom packaging, simply add 750ml of ordinary supermarket own-brand vodka (not included) and you have everything you need to create a smooth and expertly crafted high-end gin. Ideal for all gin aficionados as well as anyone looking to add their own unique bottle of gin to their spirits collection.

The method in the kit makes it possible to recreate and, more excitingly, manipulate the flavours of gin – you’ll understand more about the flavours different botanicals impart as you create your own ideal blend. Aromatic gin toppers are also included to help you dress your G&T on serving, elevating and personalising the flavour even further.

Although juniper is the overriding flavour uniting all gins, each gin can generally be categorised in one of three ways – either herbal with bolder flavours, floral with more delicate notes, or spicy with a peppery kick. This Expert kit includes the ingredients for you to make three full 750ml bottles of gin; one of each type. Perfect if you’re not entirely sure which type of gin you or your lucky recipient prefers, or if you just like to have options!

All Gin Etc kits are suitable for vegans and kosher acceptable.

Whilst procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of the fourteen identified allergens being present, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients are totally free of traces.

Included in box: Italian glass bottle, label, filter papers, funnel, fine mesh sieve, bespoke gin toppers, three botanical mix sachets (which include juniper berries) and instruction card.

The kit includes all you need to transform any vodka into your own exquisite creation in under 24 hours, following five simple steps:

1. Add one sachet of the pre-mixed Gin Etc botanicals supplied in the kit into the bottle. Do not crush them as this will make your gin cloudy.

2. Pour in all of the vodka to fill the bottle to the base of the neck.

3. Infuse for 20 hours, then taste. If it needs longer then leave the botanicals in for a further 4 hours but no more than 24 hours from beginning to end. When you are happy with the flavour it is important to stop the process and remove the botanicals by filtering or straining through a sieve.

4. Decant your gin into the bottle provided.

5. Finally, stick on the label and enjoy your G&T. To taste, lightly sprinkle one of the gin toppers into your glass of G&T to further enhance the flavour and aroma of your gin.

When tasting it is best to mix up a small amount with a neutral tonic to get sense of the range of flavours. If tasted neat, it will be harder to recognise the subtleties of the botanicals over the alcohol.

As gin takes its flavour from the botanicals, it also takes some of the colour, so it is normal for your gin to turn a golden yellow.

You get out what you put in; if you start with a strongly flavoured bottle of vodka, all the botanicals in the world are not going to help to turn it into a smoothly flavoured gin. We suggest you use a standard supermarket own brand vodka; these are relatively cheap and very neutral in flavour.

After a couple of weeks the gin tends to mellow, so don’t despair if it is a bit punchy at first, but a word of warning: please remove the botanicals after infusing to stop the process. If you leave them in for any longer than 24 hours, the juniper will over-infuse and the gin will become very bitter.

Rumour has it that refining the vodka through a water filter prior to the infusion refines the taste even further.

The original and arguably still the best gin blending kit with a collection of blends; become a craft gin expert in under 24 hours with this DIY gin masterclass.

Our kits enable you to infuse the botanicals supplied into vodka to create a compound gin, and our method makes it possible to recreate and manipulate the flavours of gin. You will understand more about the flavours different botanicals impart and create your own blend in under 24 hours. All you need to do is add one of our premium botanical blend sachets to any plain vodka, et voila! Delicate, juniper perfection, perfect for a DIY G&T.