Ruddy Fine Gin Gift Box 2 x 20cl


Boxed gift set of 2 x 20cl Ruddy Fine Gin bottles of your choice

The Ruddy Fine Distillery have fast made a name for themselves as makers of wonderfully smooth and tasty gin, all distilled in small batches in their distillery in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire. This fabulous gift box option allows you to choose any two 20cl bottles of Ruddy Fine Gin of your choice from all four flavours (with a slight uplift in price for the Navy Strength Gin). Go for two of the same if you know there’s a likely favourite, or mix and match to create the ideal gift box – the choice is yours!

London Dry Gin: Handcrafted using a blend of 11 carefully selected botanicals, it is slightly stronger than most standard gins, so your bottle will go further! It really is smooth enough to sip all on its own, but also makes for a very refreshing G&T.

Summer Berries Pink Gin: Based on their acclaimed handcrafted London Dry gin, their Summer Berries edition is infused with strawberries, raspberries and cranberry, giving it a gorgeous pink hue and a slightly sweet flavour.

Christmas Gin: Based on their acclaimed handcrafted London Dry gin, their Christmas edition gin is infused with a dash of spice and a sprinkling of Christmas magic. With a fragrance of festive baking spices, it carries the flavour of rich juniper and indulgent citrus fruit, reminiscent of candied peel, leaving your tongue tingling with a warm hug.

Navy Strength Gin: Handcrafted using a blend of carefully selected botanicals, it is wonderfully well balanced and guaranteed to ignite your palate with a warming punch! Because stronger flavour comes hand in hand with its extra kick of alcohol, navy strength gin is perfect for mixing into cocktails as it will hold its own and not get lost amongst the other flavours.

Boxed Set of 2 x 20cl bottles of Ruddy Fine Gin of your choice

42% ABV (Ruddy Fine London Dry Gin, Ruddy Fine Summer Berries Pink Gin & Ruddy Fine Christmas Gin)

57% ABV (Ruddy Fine Navy Strength Gin)

Small batch craft gin, distilled in Ruddington in Nottinghamshire

Serving Suggestions:

Summer Berries Pink Gin: Pair this with an Indian or light Indian tonic for a very refreshing, aromatic drink bursting with berry flavours. Garnish with a few slices of strawberry to really bring those berry flavours out.
London Dry Gin: A very versatile gin, simply pair this with a light Indian tonic to really bring out its flavour. Fevertree Mediterranean tonic also works very well if you would rather have a mixer to complement the flavour of the gin rather than letting it take centre stage. It also acts as a fine base for cocktails or other flavoured tonics; try it with Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon tonic, garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of orange for a very refreshing tipple.
Christmas Gin: Pair this with Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale and garnish with a twirl of orange zest and a cinnamon stick for a truly festive tipple.
Navy Strength Gin: A great gin for use in a cocktail, it works especially well in citrus-based drinks; try it mixed into a Saturn, a Southside or a Gimlet. Try it with a bitter lemon for a twist on a typical G&T.

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We are Cheryl & Rory, kindred spirits who came together because of our passion for nature, the great outdoors and of course our love of Gin. In 2019 we decided to make our hobby a reality and Ruddy Fine Gin was born. We’re really proud of our gin and hope you love it, too!