Sea Glass Friendship Bracelet Saffron Gold


Saffron gold corded friendship bracelet with a sea glass drop, Drift tag and a 14k gold-filled seashell charm.

Images credit Jake Fitzjones Photography and Fiona Petheram

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These brightly coloured friendship bracelets are a real Selen favourite. Each one features a sea glass drop strung onto an adjustable silk cord along with a Drift tag and a 14k gold-filled charm; this one has a seashell hanging from a saffron gold cord. Wear one for a pop of colour, or layer them up for fun. Great to wear all year round, but they do look especially good against sun kissed summer skin!

Each piece of Drift jewellery is made by Fiona Petheram using sea glass she finds along the coastlines of Suffolk, Spain and The Isles of Scilly. Some of these pieces of glass may be hundreds of years old, some far younger, but each is carefully selected, lightly tumbled and then drilled by hand before being worked into a piece of jewellery. Colours vary, mainly rather fittingly featuring the colours of the sea – luminous whites, greens and blues, that were probably once part of a wine, ale or ink bottle. The end product is a beautifully tactile and truly individual piece.

Bracelet expands to slide over your hand and is then drawn closed again – approximately 24cm round at its largest and 13cm round at its smallest.

Please note – Images are for guidance only. Sea glass varies in colour and shape, therefore pieces ordered will be similar in design to those shown here, but not exactly the same.

Care: Sea glass is breakable, so please take care when putting on and taking off your piece. Ideally do this over a carpeted area, not hard floor. The glass in contact with the silver or gold may blacken slightly over time. In this case, clean carefully with soap, water and an old toothbrush. The gold used mainly in the jewellery is 14k gold-filled. When exposed to excessive salt, chemicals and moisture, it will tarnish and can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.

A love of natural forms means that all my designs take their lead from the varied sizes and sculptural shapes of the sea glass that I find. Each piece is carefully selected, lightly tumbled and then drilled by hand before being worked into a piece of jewellery. Whatever its age and origin, sea glass began its journey from something that was once discarded, so there is a real pleasure in collecting and recycling it into beautiful and wearable pieces which may in time become increasingly rare, as the growing use of plastic containers makes sea glass harder to find.