Teumsae Standing Vase Cool Mid Grey


Vase and stand in cool mid grey coloured jesmonite.

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This striking vase is held at an angle in a simple stand to create a graphic silhouette and an attractive piece of home decor, whether filled with flowers or left empty. Inspired by plants growing through cracks in the pavement, designer Hyunhee created this original and unique range, with each piece handmade in the UK from jesmonite. In cool mid grey (the piece at the back in the main image), this piece has a rich grey tone to it, making it perfectly neutral enough to work with any interior colour scheme. The perfect practical statement piece!

Hand made in the UK

Vase measures 135 x 53 x 153 mm
Stand measures 75 x 32 x 45 mm

Total product weight 700g

Can be angled to the left or the right using the stand.

Product Care
This product is made of Jesmonite, an eco-friendly water-based fine cement-like material, invented in the UK in 1984 by Peter Hawkins and named “Material of the Year” at the 2017 London Design Fair. Jesmonite is well-known for being durable, light, and UV stable.
As each object is individually cast and finished by hand, slight colour variations and small surface differences may occur; these features are part of the casting process, making each product unique. To remove dirt or grease, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. All Extra&Ordinary products are coated with a sealant to resist a light amount of liquid, but sitting water may leave behind marks.

At Extra&Ordinary Design, we create things that turn ordinary environments into the extraordinary and capture moments to elicit sentiment through design. Teumsae is Korean for “a little gap between things”, and the Teumsae series is reminiscent of humble plants growing through gaps between pavements and stone walls.