The Hampshire 200g Soy Candle


Inspired by family bike rides exploring the woodlands of the New Forest.

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The Hampshire soy candle is beautifully scented with rosewood and velvet moss, inspired by family bike rides exploring the woodlands of the New Forest. It starts with citrus top notes combined with pear and armoise, leading into a heart of amber, english lavender and jasmine, all lying on a base of sandalwood, musk and vanilla, for a lovely, warming fragrance and a real sense of gorgeous mossy, woody undergrowth on an autumn or early spring afternoon.

This candle is 200g,  giving a burn time of 45-50 hours.

The Home County Candle Company’s mission is to create sustainable products inspired by the British Counties.  All of their candles are produced using natural soy wax developed and manufactured in the UK.  Soy wax is produced using pure soy bean oil, which is a natural, 100% vegetable sustainable source, meaning that their wax is not only biodegradable but also vegan friendly.

All of the Home County Candle Company candles are wicked with wooden wicks, which not only look fantastic and burn with a delightful crackling sound, but are also more sustainable long term than traditional cotton wicks, due to the pesticide-intensive process of cotton farming.

Please read on for our top tips on how to care for you candles and get the best out of them:

2-3 hour first burn – to avoid tunnelling on future burns, on first burn please take care to burn your candle for at least 2-3 hours and ensure that the wax pool reaches the sides of the glass on all sides.  This is because wax has a ‘memory’ and will always melt the same way it did on the first burn, so as long as the first burn reaches the edges of the glass you’ll get the best use of the wax for the rest of your candle’s lifespan.  Nobody likes wasted wax, after all!  On future burns you will be able to keep your candle lighted for a shorter or longer period of time, but please never burn a candle for more than 4 hours.

Trim your wick – trim your wick to approximately 5mm before each burn.  This keeps the flame at a safe height and promotes an even burn and steady flame with little smoking, helping you to get the most out of your candle and keeping your walls clear of soot.  No need to invest in expensive wick trimmers though – nail clippers work just as well for trimming wooden wicks!

Keep out of draughts – always burn your candles out of the way of draughts, which are not only a fire safety hazard but can also decrease burn time, cause uneven burning and reduce scent throw.

If you’d like to re-use your candle jar once you’re finished with your candle, simply pour boiling water into the jar, making sure that you’ve got a metal spoon in the jar so that the glass doesn’t crack.  The remaining wax will then melt and float to the top of the water so that you can skim it off and dispose of it.  Then just wash your glass out or pop it into the dishwasher and it’s ready to be re-used!


We feel that each of the Home Counties that we have lived in, worked in and had the pleasure of visiting has its own unique character, whilst maintaining the stature and essence of the Home Counties as a collective. We have therefore drawn upon our experiences and memories to create our unique scents, each inspired by the County it is named after.