Mug and Plain Drinking Chocolate Gift Set


1 x 200g tube of drinking chocolate with a china mug presented in a gift box.

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The perfect pairing of unadulterated Colombian drinking chocolate with a bone china mug. COCO Chocolatier’s plain single origin Colombian dark drinking chocolate is delightfully smooth and rich. Made from hand-flaked 61% dark chocolate mixed with rich cocoa powder, this is the ultimate drinking chocolate! Presented boxed with a china mug decorated in China with the artwork of William LaChance, this is a thoughtful gift for lovers of both chocolate and art, and includes COCO’s top tips on how to make the perfect hot chocolate cup.

1 x 200g tube of drinking chocolate and a bone china mug


Palm oil free

Artwork by: William LaChance
Listed among the top 500 artists from the United States born 1966 or after, William LaChance is an American painter and professor of painting and art history born in St Louis, MO. William LaChance’s pictures are associations of displaced forms and colors cribbed from graphic design, fashion, art history and nature itself cobbled together using a variety of methods and materials from painting and printmaking to assemblage and sewing.

Challenging industry norms, we begin the making of our chocolate at origin before passionately transforming it in Edinburgh, so more wealth remains within developing economies. COCO Chocolatier is a collaborative canvas for artisans and artists alike; those who dare to disrupt, innovate and inspire. This is where creativity and cocoa collide. There is no compromise on style or substance.