Sapling Spirits Vodka 70cl


Four times distilled British vodka.

Vodka four times distilled, resulting in a very clean and crisp spirit.  The high starch content of the exclusively British wheat leaves a round finish with a natural sweetness that lends itself beautifully to a number of popular cocktails, but this is equally good straight up over ice.  But Sapling believe in more than just high quality spirits – for every bottle sold, they will plant a tree, so you can sit back and enjoy your drink safe in the knowledge that you are helping to fund reforestation while you’re at it!

70cl of vodka four times distilled from 100% British wheat, produced in London.

For every bottle produced, a tree is planted.

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Sapling is a drink brand for the modern day – we are on a mission to help turn the world’s spirit industry into a natural force for good. There are two things essential to our ethos – high quality spirits, and love for the natural world. There are many companies that are carbon neutral, but being neutral didn’t quite cut it for us, so we decided to go carbon positive by planting trees. Not only is our vodka of the utmost smoothness and purity, but for every bottle we produce we plant a tree. From fruit trees in London to Hazelnut trees in Suffolk, our projects are all to the benefit of the communities local to the planting.